Couples who budget together, stay together. Learn how to tag-team the household finances and get sh*t done.


NS-PF 102 – Budget With Your Boo

Course Description

Couples who budget together – stay together. Life is expensive and those Pillow-Talk Plans you guys are making all COST MONEY! You need to work together as a team so you can dominate the household finances and get shit done. Grab a bottle of wine, turn off Netfix and join us in the Tree Of Trust. It only takes 90 minutes to revolutionize the way that you and your boo make plans, talk about money and run the daily finances. The course is redonkulously fun and so important for your future plans!

Why Take This Course?

Module 1: I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

    • Get Financially Naked with each other – it’s time to GET REAL. If you guys want to move forward, we need to see what we are working with.
      • Fill out a net worth statement together – what do you own and what do you owe? (GULP)
      • Show your credit scores -(EEEP) Yup. If you wanna build a life together, you may need credit applications.
      • Go through all the money coming and and out of bank accounts – how much do we have to work with!

Module 2: Pillow-Talk Plans – WHAT ARE YOU SAVING FOR?

    • Set goals
      • What are you saving for? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
      • What happens if you’re not on the same page? This course will help navigate those potentially awkward convos in a really fun way!
    • Prioritize goals:
      • Ensure you’re on the same page with timelines. Is a house 1 -3 year goal? or 5 – 10? Where do kids fit in if at all? Are you going to travel or are we focused on other goals? These things cost money and NEED a plan.
    • Create a Game-Plan:
      • What do you both need to do EACH month/Year to ensure you move forward with these goals and get sh*t done!
      • What is possible and what’s unrealistic. Can we really save for down payment in 2 years?

Module 3: The Bicker-Free Budget

    • This is a customizable excel tool that you can use now, next year, 5 years from now – forever.
      • It creates an equitable budget to handle household bills (no one feels resentful)
      • How to handle shared expenses vs personal expenses (i.e. groceries vs clothes)
      • Keeps everyone’s FINDEPENDENCE – everyone needs some secret spending money.
      • Month-by-month instructions on what you both need to do each time you get paid (very specific)
      • A banking plan with your specific budget
When you hit your target - this happens.

What you get:

  • Access to 3 super fun and easy to follow video tutorials
  • A really fun and safe space to talk about money with your boo and a third party that is UNBIASED!
  • Customizable excel tool
      • Can be updated as your life changes
      • Creates a Net Worth Statement
      • Can be used to track income and expenses
      • Creates a banking plan that is customized for you both
      • Shows you when your goals are doable and when they are not (aka, you can’t only spend $1.00 a month)

Course FAQ

How Long Is The Course?
Course is 90 minutes from start to finish. It’s less time than a movie with 10,000 times more impact… unless it’s Clueless, in which case, I get it.
What if we don't agree on stuff?
That may happen. But, that’s important to know! This course will help point out where you are both aligned on your goals and expectations and where you are not. It’s better to rip the band-aid off and find out now so you can avoid HUGE fights down the road when the stakes are much higher.
Why is it important to do this course?
Life costs money. If you and your partner are serious about taking on life together as a team, you need to be on the same page with your finances. No secrets and no hidden agendas. This course will help you guys talk honestly and openly about it in a fun way and avoid future guilt, resentment and frustrations.  
Who should take this course?
Any couple who finds themselves in the following situations.

  • Talking seriously about life plans (moving in together, buying homes, having kids)
  • Moving in together (how to set that all up)
  • Getting married – seriously, add this course to the wedding budget list. It will save you!
  • Money is an awkward or uncomfortable subject to talk about


  • Ability to open excel spreadsheet, PDF documents, online video streaming (aka the Internet)
  • Should be willing to open a joint bank account.

This course is ideal for:

  • Couples who want to get real with their finances as a team. 

Course Restrictions:

  • None
Meet Your Teacher

Shannon Lee Simmons

Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), media personality, personal finance expert, financial literacy advocate and founder of the New School of FinanceTM. She loves helping everyday people survive the new economic climate through personal finance, ethical investing and small business advice. Simmons is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the Canadian financial planning industry and an expert in Millennial personal finances and the digital world and it’s relationship to our money. She was named one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 and she recently won the 2014 Notable Award for Best In Finance. She is a regular financial expert on CTV News and also appears as a financial expert in the media, a regular contributor for Toronto Star’s Money Makeover and BBC Capital and host of Coral TV’s Money Awesomeness. Check out her money show here! Strange Quirk: She has put a dollop of red nail polish on the top right of EVERY SINGLE calculator she’s ever had since high school…… why? We aren’t sure, and neither is she.


  • This course and the tool are not to be considered financial, legal or tax advice. The information in this course is for educational purposes only as the information in the material may not totally address your specific financial situation.
  • The tool is to be used for educational illustration purposes only. Outcomes that are run in the tests cannot be guaranteed.
  • When combining finances or opening joint accounts, there can be legal, financial and tax ramifications. We suggest getting customized advice regarding these matters.
  • This course is internationally friendly. Not Canadian specific.
  • All courses will be charged in USD (based on that day’s USD equivalent to the CAD course price). Your credit card may charge you a different exchange rate or additional fees for foreign transactions.

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