What makes New School courses Accessible. Affordable. Awesome?

Accessible: Courses are physically accessible since you can take any course from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. No waiting for a meeting, course or lecture. Courses are also jargon-accessible. We break things down into normal language. And, if we do use jargon, it’s VERY well explained before we use it.

Affordable: All courses are under $225!! The info you learn in them can save you thousands over your lifetime once you know the right questions to ask and the info you need to make empowered decisions so you don’t get in over your head, blind-sided by things you didn’t see coming, or oversold on financial products.

Awesome: We are ridiculously passionate about this. Our enthusiasm, excitement and energy come though in every course. THEY ARE NOT BORING!!!! Plus, you learn so much RELEVANT and RELIABLE information about your finance. You will be able to make GOOD FINANCIAL decisions after learning all the things. This type of empowerment and confidence is invaluable.

Is this the same stuff as the internet?

NO WAY. We were very conscious of that when designing each course. Obviously the internet has ALL THE THINGS, so to say that no info provided in these courses exists anywhere is crazy-town. If you search “RRSP” on the Internet, we aren’t the only place in the world discussing them…. However, the courses are geared to teach you relevant and reliable information. They are a one-stop shop so you don’t have to endlessly scroll blogs, wondering if the info is correct.

Furthermore, the customizable tools that come with each course are what really sets our courses apart from the Interwebs. The tools are absolutely 100% New School original and are designed to give you insight into how all the information you learn in the course relates to you, specifically!

The Internet can be an information overload, especially when it comes to money topics. Often, there’s no context behind the info and much of it is overly generalized from sources that aren’t financial experts.

Am I a sole-proprietor?

Do you earn income outside of employment, grants, government pensions? Are you self-employed? Earning your own moolah? Freelancing? Getting paid by invoicing? Running a biz that is not incorporated or a partnership? Then YES!!!

Do you represent The CRA?

Hells no, the information in any course does not replace the law in the Income Tax Act or Excise Tax Act or their Regulations. The information in any courses we offer are for educational and illustration purposes only. All information is for education, not advice.

Why isn’t this financial planning advice or tax advice?

Imagine an online medical site that promised to diagnose your issue and prescribe pharmaceuticals/supplements/Tinctures without talking to you or collecting all of your medical history……. SUPER SKETCHY right?  What if they got one thing wrong?

Same here.

ADVICE (financial planning or tax) needs to be customized – FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY. Advice = customized for you. Education = relevant information that may pertain to you and give you insight into your own situation.

Where can I get customizable advice?

Financial planners and tax professionals.

For financial planning, we suggest Fee-Only CFPs. Fee-Only means that the advice is unbiased because you aren’t being sold product. CFP means that the financial planner is a certified financial planner. As for a tax professional, it really depends on the level of tax advice you’d like from tax preparation to intense tax planning that would need a CPA. Ask people you know who are in similar financial situations as you for referrals!

Is the information international?

Yes and No! Budget With Your Boo, Get On Track and Make That Money are internationally friendly! The rest are Canadian specific. For the Canadian specific tax courses, the information in these courses are federally oriented, not provincially. There may be specific provincial programs, tax credits, etc that are out of the scope of these courses. For all Quebec residents, we invite you to get in touch with us at info@newschooloffinance.com for more information before you purchase a course to confirm whether this course will suit your needs since Quebec residents may be subject to specific rules that are outside the scope of this course.

What if I am not listed in the Course Pre-Requisites or I am listed in the Course Restrictions?

Your sole-proprietorship may be outside the scope of the course you’re looking at and therefore it may be irrelevant and a waste of money for ya. Feel free to get in touch with us to confirm! info@newschooloffinance.com

What about international peeps?

The information in the courses is geared specifically towards Canadian residents.  Make That Money and Budgeting with Your Boo are the only courses that could be used by a non-residents, however, the tax rates used for estimation in Make That Money are Canadian and so as a non-resident, you’d have to estimate your own tax rates based on where you live. 

What are the technical requirements?
You need to be able to watch videos, access the internet, download PDF and open excel spreadsheets.
Who do I contact with tech support?

Shoot us an email at info@newschooloffinance.com and we will reply within 24 hours.

I just purchased a course - now what?
WELCOME!!! You will be getting a welcome email in your inbox soon. This email will have your login information and a link to the members-only site.
I can't find the course I just purchased
  1. Did you get registration email from us with registration link?
  2. Did you register? You should for THAT SPECIFIC course.
  3. Click on “Members Area” – you should see it.
  4. If not, email us at info@newschooloffinance.com. We will respond within 24 hours.
I lost my user name and password - what do I do?
Email us at info@newschooloffinance.com.
I didn't get a registration email after purchase.
On no!! This isn’t supposed to happen. Wait 20 minutes from purchase. If you still haven’t received it please email us at support@newschooloffinance.com.
How are the courses delivered?
Every course has a series of rad video tutorials that will teach you ALL THE THINGS! In addition, some courses have assignments, customizable tool, handouts and cheat sheets to help you learn. Depending on your course, you’re looking at about 2-4 hours of content. Courses can be done at your own pace. make a tea, settle in and get excited for the learning.
Are the assignments graded?
Nope. The assignments come with answer keys and really specific instructions on how to use the tools.
Do you offer tutors? Or additional educational support?
The courses are DIY in their nature. As of now, we don’t have a tutor services… but, maybe that’s Phase 2?
What happens after I’ve taken a New School course and it’s totally changed my life and my relationship with money for the better?
Who is this Shannon Lee Simmons person and why should I listen to her?
What is your refund policy?

Your money-happiness is important to us and we follow the Consumer Protection Act policy for refunds. We are super confidant that each course is a life-altering money-party of awesomeness!! But, money is a tough subject to tackle sometimes, and so we do encourage you to at least try the course material first. Really attempt to nerd out and dig in. But, if you’re still not jazzed after completing any assignments and participating in the tutorials, you can shoot us an email at info@newschooloffinance.com if within 21 days of purchase


How do I navigate the MEMBERS AREA?
  1. If you click MEMBERS AREA – it will always take you back to your login/dashboard where you can see all the courses you’ve enrolled in.
  2. If you purchased a course in the SOLE-PROP track, in the ORANGE navigation bar, you’ll see the names of all the SOLE-PROP courses you have access to.
  3. If you purchased a course in the PERSONAL track, in the BLUE navigation bar, you’ll see the names of all the PERSONAL courses you have access to.

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