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NS-Freebie: Get Wed

This FREE course will help you figure out how much you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding so you don’t panic every time you get a quote from a vendor Course Details

NS-Freebie Tax Prep Party

This FREE course will help you prep for tax time so you don’t miss deductions or credits! Watch the vid to the right to hear our song and sign up below.

NS-Freebie: Holiday Spending Guide

The time of merrymaking and overspending is upon us! Don’t end up with a massive credit card bill you can’t pay down in the New Year! Course Details

Tax Deductions vs Credits

Talking To Your Boo About Money

Save $1400 in a year!

Make Money From Your Home!

Gluten-Free Tax Credit

Medical Tax Credit – wtf?

What is your Net Worth?

Slush Fund + Emergency Fund

How Much Needed For Emergency Fund?

Retirement Savings


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