Whoa. Tomorrow my book, Worry-Free Money, comes out officially. It’s out there for the world to read, love or judge. Eeep! I always write my Future Self a letter on the night before I launch something major so that regardless of what happens on the other side, I can read it and remember what was important about it and why I did it. It helps me gain perspective in those scary “oh sh*t” moments that are bound to come.

Many entrepreneurs or artists will agree that it takes a sort of relentless optimism to push you forward. To work your butt off for something you believe in regardless of how hard or scary it is. I’m so terrified right now, but I’m not afraid to be afraid because when I’m this scared, it means I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and that’s the only way I grow.

This is a surreal moment for me. I’ve been working towards this goal for so long and now it’s here. Wild! Everything is out of my control. There’s nothing left to do but see what happens. I’ve said before that moments like this are like being in free fall. They are silent, but loud. Peaceful, but manic. Terrifying, but exhilarating.

It’s the calm before the storm where absolutely anything is possible. How wonderful?

Tomorrow, it’s not just an idea in my head, or a project that I’m obsessively working on every weekend and spare moment  – it’s a real book. Yikes! Will the book be a runaway success? Will it fall into the Book Abyss? Who knows? Only time will tell. But, I’m ready to find out, so here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

Dear Future Self,

You have a book that you love coming out tomorrow. That’s no small feat. No matter what happens with sales or reviews after tomorrow, remember: you are not a giant failure.

You wrote this book because you believe in the message and you believe that it will help people. So, take a big breath, go make a cup of tea and remember that you worked your butt off and you should be super proud – it’s a great book.


Present self – author of Worry-Free Money

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