October is Financial Planning month. What better way to celebrate all things finances than to highlight some amazing people we have worked with over the years at New School of Finance?  This October we will be shining our spotlight on some fab folks who have graciously answered questions about personal finance, business finance, and entrepreneurship. (Don’t miss our posts about Avery and Marie!)

New School of Finance (NS): What would you say is your biggest strength and biggest weakness when it comes to money management?

Hannah (H): My biggest strength is being able to meet targeted goals. I am a nurse and make my own schedule so I am able to work really hard for short periods and make good money. My biggest weakness is that I go through periods of time where I make big purchases, splurges or trips which derails me from my goals and then I have to play catch up.

NS: What was the hardest financial lesson you ever learned?

H: That money isn’t fairy dust. I’ve learned that consistency is key with finances, by doing the same thing that over time money really piles up. It’s playing a long game rather than sprints.

NS: What was the best financial decision you’ve ever made?

H: Having a meeting with New School of Finance and making a financial plan. I created a one year and five year plan and this helps me identify my goals and stay on track (for the most part lol).

NS: When did you make your first real budget?

H: A year and a half ago.

NS: What was the hardest part about making your budget?

H: Understanding how to make my money work for me. Learning how to pay myself first and how to have various accounts for different things rather than just one large account for all of my transactions. Also, I find when I get motivated I want to do all of my plans at once and with finances it’s about prioritizing what you want to do and how to get there.

NS: What motivates you to stay on track with your budget?

H: Having goals for my future with realistic timeline targets and having regular check in’s with myself to see if I am meeting my targets.

NS: Thank you so much for sharing your answers with us, Hannah!

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