Working with Shannon has been a game changer. As my business became profitable, I wanted to ensure that I was being wise with my finances for both my business and my personal life and Shannon was able to provide a holistic perspective that helped me put effective plans in place, and offer suggestions on how and where I could invest that kept me inline with my values. Shannon functions as an advisor, a coach and a money therapist. She made me feel incredibly empowered and as she is not affiliated with any old, stuffy institutions, wasn’t making commissions off the advice she was giving and is also a business owner herself and understand the uncertainties that can go along with that, I trust her guidance 150 percent.  I recommend Shannon to everyone- my team, my students- everyone! What Shannon shared with me is information I wish I’d known fifteen years ago when I got my first paycheck. Her services are invaluable, and her guidance has greatly reduced my stress around money and given me a solid action plan to help my husband and I set and achieve our goals for today,five years from now and one hundred years from now.

Meghan Telpner, Nutritionist & Director, Academy of Culinary Nutrition

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