Guess what we heard yesterday in the mall? CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Yay! It’s that perfect time of year, when the crowds are still few, the weather mild and the strains of “tra-la-la-la-la” hasn’t started to annoy us yet.

Also, let’s not forget the AWESOME merchandise that’s in stores this time of year. So many shiny and pretty things.

Should I get a cocoa mix? A sparkly mug? I need a new planner for 2017! Hmmmm that plaid blanket looks soooo cozy and OMG there is limited edition peppermint bark! Must have!

And I need to buy gifts too. Maybe I’ll buy one for me and one for everyone else!

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we can all partake in the season of capitalism. I mean, the economy NEEDS us.

But in the dim and magical lights of November and December it’s easy to forget that January will soon be upon us: sluggish, freezing and overcast January.

And one day in January the postman will come, and deliver to us…our credit card bill.

That day can be easy or it can be hard. It can be a day of tears or it can be a day of … nonchalance.


Lol, jokes, it’s obvious.

If you don’t want to end up with a massive bill, you need to sign up for our FREE holiday spending guide. That’s right. FREE. We don’t want to add to that bill! We just want to help you enjoy the season responsibly.

You’ll get a customizable and printable planning tool that helps you make your list, plan ahead and stick to your budget!

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