Every year my New Year Resolutions is to stare at my phone less. Literally very year. Like since, 2001. Well guess what? Still hasn’t happened! Want to know why?

First of all, my phone is addicting. All those people contacting me…all those people I could be contacting. All those little red numeric notifications popping up, the vibrating, the ringing, it’s impossible to leave alone! But secondly, it’s because I never have a plan! I just kind of in my head am like “I want less screen time” but then continue staring at my phone and exercising my thumbs.

Thus, I fail. I’m an eternal optimist though so I keep on hoping and wishing every year!

Well this year, I’m shaking it up! This year, my new year’s resolution is to make more money!

That’s right. I want to go on vacation, I want to buy brand-name pasta and I want to finish paying off my student debt.

Is this resolution more achievable than leaving my phone alone? Definitely! Because we have a roadmap for making more money. We have a PLAN. We have spreadsheets and action steps that will lead you to ACHIEVE #boss.

If you’re employed, the number one way you can make more money next year is by asking for a raise. Not easy — we know. For help, check out  Kathryn Meisner, a career counsellor and salary negotiation coach.

For sole-proprietor and freelancer and side hustler, making more money is up to YOU. It’s a combination of how hard you work, how well you market yourself and how good your product and services are!

To make more money you can:

1. Charge more for your goods or services

2. Lower your expenses

3. Get more clients

4. Be more tax efficient

But how much should I charge, you ask. Should I delegate by hiring someone? What are taxes and how do I pay less?


Take our course Make That Money and you will learn:

•What you need to make every single year/month/day so you can have a life and pay your bills

•What you need to charge for each of your services/goods

•How much you need to work (how much you need to sell) for every revenue stream that you have

•What your business can afford (can you rent an office? Hire help? Get new equipment?)

•How much your business is capable of earning if you hit all your sales targets

•If you’re a side hustler and want to quit your 9-5 but don’t know how much you need to make or what you need to do to quit – this course will show you how much you need to earn from your business to support your personal life so you can quit with confidence.

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