You know what happens when you don’t map out your financial plans? Things don’t happen!

Let us tell you a story.

Bailey went to school, then went to more school, then met Jamie, then got a job as an urban planner with a pension to boot, then kept dating Jamie.

Jamie went to school too, went to more school also, interned for two years for free in digital marketing, couldn’t  transition to a paying job 🙁  so lived at home and worked at the coffee shop (where Bailey went to get coffee  every morning which is how they met) and then became manager of the coffee shop.

Bailey and Jamie decided to get serious. They moved in together, had a fabulous wedding, bought a house, had two kids and spend their time gardening and drinking craft beer until they got old and died together at the same time.

FALSE FALSE. That is not how the story goes. What, you think everyone in this world just has the same timeline, the same goals and the same  level of spending/saving ability? LOLZZZ.

The real story was is that they decided to move in together then they decided to talk about their finances because that shiz was tennnnnse at home.

Jamie paid rent and Bailey was supposed to pay for groceries, toiletries etc in the household. That was their deal. The problem was that that Bailey was always falling behind or unable to pay down credit card debt each month and Jamie was all pissy about it.  WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BAILEY!? But Bailey is all like, hey, it’s way easier for you to budget because the rent is the same every month, but sometimes toilet paper is on sale, and sometimes cauliflower is the equivalent price to rent, so it’s a moving target and sometimes I can’t keep track!

So they decided to try and  fix their squabbles by doing Budget with Your Boo. (what a fantastic idea Jamie and Bailey!!)

They figured out they needed to create a budget with split the variable and fixed expenses. BUT , they went way, way beyond that. Budget with Your Boo delved into some deep shiz and forced them to talk about things they didn’t really ever talk about (but needed too).

Here’s what they learned about their financial plans from Budget With Your Boo:

  • Bailey, from Guelph, wasn’t sure if Bailey even wanted to buy a house in Toronto, the backyards all seemed too small.
  • Jamie, who grew up in a big house in North Toronto 100% wanted to buy a house, and wanted it near Jamie’s parents
  • They realized, after tracking and examining their expenses,  even if they saved 30% of their income for the next five years, could not afford to save enough to get a downpayment on a house in Toronto. So that was that!
  • Bailey, from many years of school was still in $36, 000 of debt
  • Jamie, who’s parents paid his tuition, was morally against debt and aghast that Bailey still held so much
  • They paused the video to talk about this and Bailey explained to Jamie the realities of life
  • Bailey also realized the need to commit to paying more per month, even if that meant Bailey had to stop eating all you can eat sushi 4 times a month. Bailey was sad.
  • They both wanted kids. Yay! And they both wanted them before Bailey turned 35, which was in 4 years.
  • They both didn’t really care about weddings and wanted to spend as little as possible
  • Except Bailey did want a nice ring, because hey, you wear it forever!

So NOT only did they figure out how to set a budget THEY MAPPED OUT THEIR LIVES. Now they have  the groundwork now to talk openly about finances and a REAL PLAN! Check out what Couples Therapist Melissa Johari has to say below!

Don’t you want to be able to map our your life plans with your boo?? If so, enroll in  Budget with Your Boo:

budget with your boo

Check out what fab couple’s therapist Melissa Johari has to say:

“Budget With Your Boo, is by far the most fun financial program for couples that I have ever come across!  It makes those tough money conversations not only approachable but enjoyable.  It hits all the main areas of discussion around money needed for a couple, and is especially helpful for young couples just starting out in their lives together.  I have been recommending it to all of my premarital couples that I work with!”
Melissa Johari
The Couple Wellness Expert

Budget With Your Boo will SET YOU UP!

Get on it.


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