The average Canadian wedding is about $31,500, according to a WeddingBells survey. The number rises up to the heavens in urban centres. It’s not uncommon to see $60,000 to $100,000 spent on a wedding, depending on location and the number of guests.

Those numbers are enough to send anyone running toward the open bar. This is one of those times where you may wanna aim to be below average.

There is so much pressure to have a beautiful, flawless, well run-with-the-best-food-in-the-world wedding. If somehow you don’t manage to have ALL THE THINGS, you’ll be embarrassed of the photos showing up the next day on your wedding hashtag. Or, worse, no one will post anything on your wedding hash tag because your centerpieces weren’t PIN-WORTHY.  It’s a lot of pressure. Understanding your HARD LIMIT will help you say no because you straight up have to.

Check out this National Post article to see tips from a wedding planner where to save and where to splurge and hopefully keep that cost below par. Your wedding is likely one of the first BIG THINGS that you and your partner will plan together where emotional and financial stakes are high!! It’s just the beginning of your life together and all the other goals you wanna accomplish. You gotta tag-team the finances together so you can get shiz done.

 Weddings are one day, marriage lasts a lifetime (hopefully!). We think that marriages should be made official by graduating from Budget With your Boo. Getting financially naked with each other is WAY more important and exciting than the traditional method 😉    budget with your boo



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