LOOOOOVE is so wonderful. You have someone to walk in the park with, to drink beer in the park with, to make-out in the park with (okay, okay I have spring fever, what can I say, it’s finally May).

But if you love someone so much, why are you hiding your financial shit from them?!

Do you find yourself rushing to the mailbox to grab your student loan letters before your partner sees you owe $150, 000? Do you buy a new pair of shoes and throw out the box before you come home like you’re trying to cross the USA/CAD border?


This is the person you share so much with — bodily fluids, Netflix binges, pasta, it’s just not fair to be financially dishonest.

Because unfortunately, finances don’t go away. You always need money to live, your financial habits take a ton of time and effort to change and numbers are numbers — they can’t be fudged and they don’t lie. Not to mention that finances are the number one cause of divorce, so if you plan on tying the knot it’s absolutely E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L that you and your partner sit down and have a talk.

I get it, nothing spirals shame like money. People are more likely to talk about the number of people they’ve boinked than their credit score. Nevertheless, when you fail to communicate about money your relationship is likely to break down.

With our online course Budget with Your Boo we’ll teach you how to Get Financially Naked with each other.  If you guys want to move forward, we need to see what we are working with.



budget with your boo

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