Welcome to WEDDING SEASON ladies and gentleman!

Did you know that finances are the #1 cause couples divorce? Intimacy is #2, but ya know which one we’re gonna focus on here at New School.

We all come to marriage with financial expectations. We were all raised differently with money. Some of us grew up in homes where buying Coke at a restaurant was a waste of money, whereas others only had to ask our parents for a tenner to the movies and it would be handed over with an extra $10 for popcorn (please ask your parents to adopt us!).

Usually, we don’t confront these financial expectations until another person forces us to. That’s why it’s easy to be lulled into feeling like you and your partner on the same page financially — because you can’t even see that there is another page!  It’s not your fault or their fault…it’s just that until these money issues smack you in the face, it’s easy to be unaware of them.

That’s why it’s essential to try and figure out what your money biases are before you tie the knot.

How do you do this you say?

Easy! Just ask.

Here’s 10 questions to ask your partner to see what financial expectations you carry around:

1. Do you expect both of us to keep working after having children?

2. If one of us earns more, how will we split household expenses?

3. What’s the limit to how much I can spend without telling you? $500? $1000? $5000?

4. Are you aware on how much I spend on my hair every year?

5. Do you believe in giving children an allowance?

6. Would you rather put on an extra sweater or turn up the heat?

7. How would you feel if we can’t afford a house? Would you be okay renting?

8. If you got an inheritance of $30,000, what would you want to do with it?

9. What’s one financial habit you have that you feel you could improve?

10.  What do you spend money on that you can’t cut out, no matter how tight our budget may get in the future?

Feel free to turn this question game into a shot game ! (You’re likely to get even more honest answers!)

Need more in-depth married-financial help? Luckily, we created this amazing course, Budget With Your Boo, that will take you on a step-by-step journey in how to talk money with your partner. It only takes 90 minutes to revolutionize the way that you and your boo make plans and run the daily finances. The course is redonkulously fun and so important for your future plans!

budget with your boo

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